February 3rd

by Poison Coats

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released February 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Poison Coats Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Matter of Time
you could think a little more;
maybe drink a little less
when a knock on your door doesn't make you feel restless
it's a matter of time,
not a matter of taste
until you're holding the only thing left
that you didn't erase

hold on tight;
hold on wild

it's a game that we play
with each piece we align
in consequent disarray
when they inevitably collide
it's a reason that rhymes;
a profound twist of fate
another chorus to sing in the night
and keep that darkness at bay

hold on tight
hold on wild
hold on tight
hold on while you can
you're fed, but you bit the hand
you walk, but can you still stand
or was it all part of your plan?
Track Name: Garbage Can
you are an iceberg in my veins
a picture in the frame
you are what winter pulled away
a view of the escape

a delicate glance from a worried eye
a mirror that doubles as a disguise
floor that moves when i'm standing still
a tight rope walk on a windowsill

you are the sun falling from the sky
a perilous trip through the needle's eye
you are a shovel that's digging graves
a grain of sand in a tidal wave

batted lashes; the devil's kiss
a semi-informed, fabricated bliss
tethered, handcuffed and left to die
always interested; always shy

marching in and out of time
we are one step out of line
and paying penance for our crimes

guarding the vault of the medicine
when no one has a prescription
left alone to his own demise
is better than left to his own devices

cannot control what we do not create
it's better to absorb than to dissipate
can't have enough yet can't let go
this garbage can has become our home

talking through tin cans on a string
crossing the ocean with broken wings
to learn the truth of vanishing
Track Name: Quetzalcoatl
it's in the hair of the dog that bit me
blood on the quill of the porcupine

a wrecking ball to the cheap construction
like making paper dolls in the rain

every time anyone gets closer
it starts to feel like a masquerade
i advise you to keep pretending
so you can join the parade

quetzalcoatl in his dark sunglasses
selling drugs to the kids by the riverside

when they were questioned of their supplier
they said he flew but his tail rattled on the ground

every time anyone comes over
i'm getting too high to sleep at night
fight or flight; there's a hole that must be dug
while i am living inside
Track Name: Pete's Song
the truth comes out when you clip your broken wings
and i can hear you sighing in the wind
nest your eggs; keep them safe and warm
so they can fly higher than you ever did

commonly; calmly in the breeze
i can hear you singing from far away
though i've never heard any of those words
i will ask you what they mean another day

stay in the air so i can see you

peaceful dreams never fill my sleep
but i have never had a nightmare
though i know the first that i will have will be about you
falling from the sky